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Wiz Labz Luxury Artisan Soap

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Soap is Art

Soap for me is more than just a tool to clean your body, it's an art-form. So prepare yourself for a constantly changing soap experience. Everything from the recipes, the colors, fragrances, additives, shapes, and styles will constantly change with very few repeats so buy what you want when you see it. Don't hesitate or you may miss out.

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Shipping and Delivery

What You Need to Know

There will be up to a 1-3 business day processing and shipping period to initially send your products. Thank you for your patience. If your package can not be delivered to the address you provided, it will be YOUR responsibility to pay the new shipping cost to resend your package. Shipping does not become free due to customer error.

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Quick Facts

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You sure that's not food?

Yes I'm SURE I don't sell food. My soap may look like food from time to time and it may smell sweet at times like fruit or candy but I can assure you, it's not edible and I do not advise tasting it just because it smells good.  If ingested, seek immediate medical assistance.

Do not expect mass production of a single bar type.

Due to the nature of the artisan soap making art form, I will not be producing 100+ bars of the same design or fragrance at the same time. I will be switching a lot of details about the soap from batch to batch. Most drops will be very different in their own ways. If there is an issue with receiving your bar, I will NOT be able to replicate that specific design. Most designs will average about 10-30 bars each.

Who Made it?

Every bar of soap I sell was handcrafted in my lab by my hands. Meaning I make my bars completely from scratch. I also create my own recipes. No private labeling or Alibaba style pre-made product reselling here.

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